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Driving under the influence of marijuana

Marijuana is now legal for recreational use in Michigan, and there are shops in West Michigan. Though they are not within Grand Rapids itself, a short drive out of the city can take residents to these shops where they can purchase marijuana much as they would purchase...

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What is Michigan’s DUI look-back period?

One DUI charge and conviction can significantly impact one’s life and future. Subsequent charges can leave individuals facing even more penalties – unless the look-back period has passed. What is a look-back period? Several institutions use look-back periods to review...

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Why your Miranda rights are so important

If you are like most Michigan people, you think you must answer any questions a law enforcement officer asks you. This is not true. You have no obligation to answer an officer’s questions. The only thing you must do is produce identification if and when (s)he...

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Understanding knock-and-talk

You do not have to talk to the police in Michigan, generally speaking. While there are some exceptions, such as providing ID or asking if you are free to go, you do not typically have to have any interaction with state or federal investigators without a lawyer...

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Are the drugs really yours?

Facing any kind of drug charges in Michigan is serious business. Depending upon which type of drug authorities allege you possessed at the time of your arrest, and the quantity thereof, a conviction could put you in prison for a lengthy period of time as...

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