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Family Law Or Criminal Defense Matter

Defending You Against Allegations Of Domestic Violence

Domestic violence convictions do carry a negative stigma. In many cases, whether you are guilty or not, your reputation and standing in your community can be severely affected. Grand Rapids, Michigan, domestic violence defense lawyer Renee Wagenaar protects the rights of accused individuals throughout Central West Michigan.

If your rights have been violated and your reputation is at stake, seek the counsel of an experienced and skilled criminal defense attorney. A domestic violence charge can be very costly, and without an attorney, the prosecutor may push you to admit guilt. However, if you have Ms. Wagenaar represent you, she can address the existing charge and all future consequences that relate to housing, income and interplay with other family law issues.

Protecting You Against False Claims

If you are involved in a domestic altercation, you need to retain an attorney immediately. Though Michigan lacks a mandatory arrest law, if the police order you away from the home they can always arrest you later. Many of our clients deal with domestic violence accusations in the aftermath of infidelity, divorce or a breakup. In these cases, a domestic violence accusation can be used as a tool in an ongoing relationship or custody dispute.

At WN Law, we offer an independent attorney who will challenge, verify and investigate all of the circumstances involved in your domestic violence dispute and legal case. With this information, our firm can build a case and identify all of the ways in which your rights can be asserted and defended. We pursue special sentencing options to protect your record and fight hard to get you a non-guilty plea.

Do Not Plead Guilty Without Talking To An Attorney

Domestic violence convictions can add up. Don’t plead guilty just to get out of jail; contact our law firm for a free consultation. You may call the firm at 616-426-9491 or email the firm. We are available to assist you 24 hours a day and seven days a week.