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The Experienced Representation You Need When Charged With A Sex Crime

When someone has been charged with a sex crime, it is often a very high-profile story on the news. Everyone in your community learns about these charges and makes a decision about the kind of person you are before you even have a chance to offer up a defense.

Prosecutors will be very thorough when building a case if you are charged with a sex crime. They will devote a lot of time and energy into gathering evidence to use against you, and you will be at a significant disadvantage if you wait to protect yourself. At WN Law, in Grand Rapids, we offer an aggressive defense to anyone who has been charged with a sex crime.

Take Immediate Action To Protect Your Rights

Our attorney, Renee Wagenaar, has handled a number of these charges for our clients. Ms. Wagenaar understands how to prepare an effective strategy for the allegations you are facing, and will help you decide what you need to do to defend yourself in your case. We represent people accused of a host of different sex crimes, including:

  • Criminal sexual conduct (CSC)
  • Assault with intent to commit sexual penetration
  • Child pornography and child abusive activity
  • Internet sex crimes
  • Prostitution
  • Solicitation
  • Indecent exposure

It is important to note that you cannot talk yourself out of these charges. Talking to investigators will only make things much harder for you when you try to build a defense. The more you say, the more evidence that the prosecution will be able to use as they attempt to obtain a conviction that will result in you receiving significant jail or prison time.

Never talk to police without having a lawyer present. Even if police come to you before you have been charged and give you the opportunity to “clear the air,” they are really just trying to get you to say more than you should. We can make sure that you preserve all defense options and take full advantage of all of the opportunities that are available to you.

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These are some of the most serious allegations that you will ever face in your entire life. Do not let your reputation get destroyed by these allegations. Call our office now at 616-426-9491 or send us an email to learn more about what we can do to protect your rights.