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Mediating Your Child Custody And Property Division Concerns

When a couple has a child custody or property division dispute, Kent County courts require that the parties have a mandatory mediation session. The court hopes that by discussing these issues together, the parties will focus on solutions to the problems instead of insisting upon taking the case to trial. If your case is headed toward mediation, you need an experienced attorney to help protect your interests.

At the Grand Rapids-based law firm of WN Law, our lawyer, Renee Wagenaar, has represented many parties in mediations of difficult family law matters. Ms. Wagenaar will be a strong advocate for you throughout the process, advancing your interests and goals throughout the mediation.

The Advantages Of Mediation Over Litigation

When you and your spouse commit to working together to solve your problems, you can help remove a lot of the uncertainty and stress that comes with these difficult issues. Instead of being trapped in the conflict, you will be able to focus on what actually solves problems in a way that benefits everyone involved.

The advantage of using mediation in your divorce or custody case is that it allows you to have more control over the final outcome of your situation. You get to express what is most important to you, and work on solutions that take your specific concerns into account.

With litigation, the entire process becomes more confusing and uncertain. The judge has a brief interaction with you and will not know all of the details that you believe are important in your case. Their concern is to find a solution that they believe is reasonable, and in the end, this can leave both sides extremely unhappy.

Mediation is really an extremely positive approach to your divorce. There really is no downside. If mediation is not successful, we can take your case to trial. The opportunity is there for you to find lasting answers to your seemingly impossible problems.

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