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Creative Property Division Solutions

Whether you and your spouse have significant assets or are just starting out in your marriage, the prospect of divorce can be an extremely emotional time for you. Dividing the property that you and your spouse have accumulated during the marriage is one of the most difficult parts of any divorce, and you need to make sure you have clear guidance before you agree to or make any demands about your case.

At WN Law, in Grand Rapids, we know how to develop creative strategies that help you control the property division portion of your divorce case. Our experienced lawyer, Renee Wagenaar, will help you think clearly about your options, which will let you make the right decisions for your life after divorce.

What You Need To Know About The Process

In Michigan, when the courts are called in to divide a couple’s marital property, the law requires judges to come to a decision that is equitable for both parties. This means that the ruling must simply be fair to both sides. We help you develop a strategy that seeks out what is most important to you. We handle any and all issues related to this part of the divorce process, including:

  • Determining the value of the marital property to be divided as part of the divorce
  • Examining the retirement assets belonging to the couple
  • Establishing the value of any business interests owned separately or together by the parties
  • Dividing any debt that belongs to the couple
  • Discussing potential options for the marital home or equity in the home
  • Requesting or defending against spousal support (alimony) obligations

This is a very critical part of your case because it will have a significant impact upon your life after divorce. As a couple, you have a certain amount of financial resources you can use to run the household. After divorce, those resources can be substantially reduced. Knowing the right steps to take at this time in regards to the division of property can help you come through your divorce in a much better position.

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