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Working Toward Positive Child Custody Solutions

Child custody and parenting time agreements can be very complex legal matters. Each parent will have specific wishes and goals, and they are often in conflict with what the other side hopes to accomplish. Finding the common ground necessary to reach a mutual agreement can prove to be impossible without the assistance of an experienced child custody lawyer.

At WN Law, our attorney, Renee Wagenaar, founded our firm to provide compassionate family law representation to clients in Grand Rapids and around the Central West Michigan region. WN Law vigorously advocates for parents who have concerns related to establishing or modifying child custody agreements. The firm supports the unique needs of mothers and fathers who want to ensure that their children are protected and are provided for in the aftermath of a divorce.

Putting Your Child’s Best Interests At The Forefront Of Your Case

It can be extremely difficult to keep your kids out of the middle of your case. We strive to keep you focused on solutions that are in your child’s best interests. We discuss with you what your concerns are in your case, and then work together with you to discuss how you wish to proceed. Some of the issues that we help our clients with include:

  • Proposing comprehensive custody plans that cover all of the child’s needs
  • Determining a parenting time plan that allows each parent to spend time with the child
  • Discussing methods of resolving disputes between the parents
  • Addressing how each parent will participate in decisions regarding schooling, extracurricular activities and other issues in the child’s life
  • Assisting with relocation or modification of child custody agreements

Co-parenting after the end of a marriage or a relationship can take time for each side to perfect. It is a learning experience. Being patient with one another and learning how to communicate is essential for the well-being of the children. They have to cope with these changes as well, and you want to make sure you make this as easy as possible for them.

You and your co-parent know your child much better than the courts ever will. Parents who can work together to solve custody and parenting time concerns stand a much better chance of creating an agreement that lasts. Couples who fight over each little thing could find themselves continually having to go back to court when problems arise.

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Whether you need assistance with an initial determination of child custody or wish to modify an existing order, we can help you find the right approach to take in your case. To schedule your free consultation, call us at 616-426-9491 or send us an email.