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Do you need an attorney if you agree on everything?

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Divorces can cost a lot of money. On average around the United States, the process of divorce costs about $15,000. In an attempt to reduce costs, some try to go through the process without a lawyer, and that is a huge mistake you do not want to make. 

The truth of the matter is you are not an expert on divorce law. You could end up making a huge mistake or overlook a key detail in the final paperwork. This can cost you dearly in the long run, so always have an attorney in your corner to help you out. 

A lawyer needs to draft the actual agreement

Even if you and your spouse agree on most terms, you need to lay out the details in legal paperwork. This is much harder than it seems. Certain words mean different things from a legal standpoint than what you have become used to. A single missing word can completely alter the terms of the agreement. Additionally, you need to include boilerplate information typical of all legal documents. You should never sign a document until you have a lawyer look at it first. 

It is highly unlikely you and your spouse agree on everything

During a divorce, you and your spouse will likely talk about all the major aspects. You may agree on how to divide the house and how to split any debt shared between the two of you. However, there are numerous aspects to any divorce, and you may discover disagreements on some issues. An attorney brings up a variety of issues you may not have thought of previously. One issue many divorcing couples overlook is how to handle future expenses, such as who pays for a child’s college tuition. An attorney makes sure you discuss all these matters in detail first. 

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