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Month: October 2019

Know the penalties for Michigan DUI

Are you aware of the potential consequences of driving under the influence in Michigan? The state distinguishes between operating while visibly impaired and operating while intoxicated. These are the facts motorists should know about the various state penalties for an...

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How can I help my children through divorce?

If you are a Michigan resident going through a divorce, you are already well-acquainted with how emotionally taxing and difficult it can be. However, divorce is not just difficult on the adults going through it, but it can also be extremely hard on children as well....

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Heartache and depression after a divorce

For some people, bringing their marriage to a close can feel like a relief and take a lot of weight off of their shoulders. For others, however, the divorce process can be emotionally taxing, and some people may have regrets about various decisions that they made or...

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