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Month: September 2020

Why bringing in a CDFA is a must during a divorce

Much of the divorce process in Michigan can be difficult if you don't have the proper assistance. One of the more complex parts of the process occurs when financial disagreements come up during your divorce. This is why the following information is so important if you...

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How to decide who gets the house in a divorce

For many couples, a house is the biggest asset they have, so dividing it up in a divorce can be complicated. Couples in Michigan have several options when it comes to deciding who gets the house. Generally, one spouse keeps the house, or the house is sold and they...

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Why women initiate divorces

One of the most surprising statistics about divorce in America is that 70% of them are initiated by women. People in Michigan may be curious about what lies at the root of this trend. The truth is that there are several factors involved. Expectations versus reality...

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