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Can parallel parenting benefit you?

As a co-parent going through a divorce, you may have a hard time visualizing what cooperative parenting will look like for you. If you currently exist in a mental space where cooperation seems like a distant dream, you may want to consider parallel parenting instead....

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Misdemeanors and your job search

Even though a misdemeanor is not quite as serious as other forms of criminal punishment, it can still impact your life. For example, some employers may feel skeptical to hire you if you have a criminal record of any kind. With a little practice, you can help potential...

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How dating too early can complicate a divorce

Going through a divorce in Michigan is tough, and it’s understandable that you can’t wait to move on with your new life. For many people, moving on after a divorce means dating a new significant other. But before you start making plans with your new partner, you...

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Alternative parenting plans

As many divorcing parents in Michigan will find, negotiating a custody and visitation plan can be complicated, as there is no plan that fits every family. A common way to divide parenting time is alternating weeks with each parent. However, this might not work for all...

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Can a criminal record impact child custody?

In Michigan, custody matters are decided in “the best interest of the child,” and there are specific things that a judge will consider when deciding custody of minor children. One of the factors that a judge will take into consideration is the moral fitness of the...

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