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Why women initiate divorces

On Behalf of | Sep 16, 2020 | Divorce

One of the most surprising statistics about divorce in America is that 70% of them are initiated by women. People in Michigan may be curious about what lies at the root of this trend. The truth is that there are several factors involved.

Expectations versus reality

One of the biggest reasons that women file for divorce is simple: The reality of marriage didn’t live up to the expectations they had. In the past, women often didn’t have access to their own money. Married women were forced to leave even female-dominated jobs like telephone operator. Women also couldn’t access credit on their own in the US until the 1970s. So even when women were married to very abusive men, it could be hard for them to leave.

Having an independent voice

Today, women are often surprised that their husbands expect them to do most of the housework and child care even when they work outside the home. They are also, sometimes, shocked to see that their husbands are competitive with them. Instead of celebrating his wife’s promotion, a man may make snide comments or feel that he’s undervalued. This lack of emotional support makes many women wonder why they bothered to get married in the first place.

Looking at same-sex marriage reveals an additional layer to the issue. In the UK, same-sex marriage has been legal since 2014. But a 2017 study found that most same-sex divorces were filed by women. There will have to be much more research before the reasons that women are so much more likely to file for divorce become truly clear. In the meantime, women seeking a divorce should seek out an experienced family law lawyer.

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