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What can you expect in a contentious divorce?

On Behalf of | Mar 6, 2024 | Divorce

Disputes are the very root cause of contentious divorces. Parties may disagree on various legal issues, such as the grounds for divorce, custody of children, division of assets and debts, spousal support and child support.

However, these challenges hold deeper consequences and surprising possibilities beyond the actual disagreement between divorcing parties. By understanding these, parties can better prepare for the process and reduce stress they may be feeling during the divorce.

Contentious divorces are magnet to spotlight

Contentious divorces could attract a lot of attention, particularly if the individuals involved are prominent figures or if the case includes unusual or sensational circumstances. The heightened emotions and potential for dramatic developments often capture public interest, and in some cases, the details may be reported in the media. Even if a case does not reach that level of publicity, its records are generally accessible to the public, as part of public records.

It can be lengthy and costly

Divorce proceedings, especially contentious ones, can be costly due to legal fees, court costs and the possible need for experts, such as asset value evaluators or financial analysts. Various circumstances, such as an extensive list of marital properties or a highly emotional child custody dispute, can make a case run longer and consequently make it require more resources.

Mediation is still a possibility

A common misconception about contentious divorce is that since the spouses disagree on issues, the case will always go to court, leaving the judge to decide. While this is true in many cases, some parties eventually resolve their initially contested divorces through mediation.

Making guided steps towards your goals

If you are going through a contentious divorce and want to prevent or at least minimize its adverse consequences, it is crucial to find a suitable approach and strategies to best reach these goals. Working with an experienced divorce attorney can help you make informed and guided decisions towards protecting you, your interests and your family during and after the separation.

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