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Things to think about when making a parenting schedule

On Behalf of | Jul 9, 2018 | Child Custody

Michigan residents who have children and get divorced may have to resolve child custody and visitation issues. When parents are trying to figure out how to design their parenting plans, there are several things they should consider so that their plans will work for everyone.

Parents should start by thinking about how their children will feel. While going back and forth between two homes might be difficult, it may be even harder for children not to see one parent very often. Parents should think about what their children will miss out on as well as what they might gain when they are designing their plans.

Parents who plan to share time with their children on a fairly equal basis should also think about the logistics. It is best if the two homes are close to each other to make transportation easier. The parents should also take into account their children’s extracurricular activities and schools. If the children are older, the parents can ask for their input on what they feel might work best. Finally, parents should think about any special needs that their children have when they are planning their schedules.

It may be difficult for some parents to resolve their disputes about child custody and visitation. Parents who are unable to reach agreements with their children’s other parent might want to seek help from experienced family law attorneys. Lawyers may help their clients avoid getting embroiled in emotional conflicts and instead focus on what is in the best interests of their children. They may be able to negotiate parenting plans that work the best for everyone in the family. When parents are able to reach agreements without being ordered by judges, they are likelier to be happier with the outcomes in the long run.

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