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Managing custody when your ex will not comply with court orders

On Behalf of | Apr 11, 2023 | Child Custody

Watching the impact of a divorce on your children can cause uncertainty and sadness. Once the court finalizes your custody order, you and your ex have a legal obligation to share parenting responsibilities.

Managing a custody arrangement when your ex will not honor the terms of the agreement can cause frustration. Knowing some ways to handle this circumstance might help you determine how to react.

Communicate your expectations

A positive custody situation requires you and your ex to collaborate on schedules. It requires both of you to communicate professionally to ensure smooth transitions for parenting time. Your children deserve consistency, which will provide instrumental support as they adapt to the changes in family dynamics. If your ex regularly disregards the arrangement, kindly communicate your expectations and see if that triggers improvements.

Petition the court

Single parenting demands effective time management and patience. It also requires support from others. If you cannot rely on your ex to fairly share the responsibility of caring for your children, it could cause complications. If ignorance is a regular occurrence, it might impact your career and other time-sensitive obligations you have. According to, you have the right to petition the court for help enforcing the custody arrangement.

Stay committed to your children

Your children might act out when they experience repeated volatility. The irrational behavior of your ex could cause problems for your children and cause them to feel angst. Despite the issues with your ex, stay committed to your children. Seek the support of people who love you. Turn to them for help taking care of your children if needed.

A reliable custody arrangement can make a positive experience for everyone involved. Your ability to show commitment and responsibility will help you maintain a good reputation with the court.

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