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What to do if you are pulled over for drunk driving

On Behalf of | Feb 27, 2023 | Criminal Defense

In 2022, 974 people died on Michigan roads, and of those 325 died in accidents involving drinking and driving. In fact, every 45 minutes or less, someone dies in a drunk driving accident in the United States.

These are staggering statistics, so you should understand the police’s dedication to reducing death on the roadways. This desire encourages them to patrol areas where drinking may occur. These are things you can do if the police pull you over for drunk driving.

Act with respect

If you see police lights in your rearview mirror, find the next safe place to pull over. Do so calmly. Then, treat the officers with kindness and respect. It is likely that they have video and audio taping capabilities. Therefore, act professionally and courteously.

Close your mouth

You can feel anxiety when you interact with the police over, whether you have done anything wrong or not. However, you can incriminate yourself easily too. Therefore, shut your mouth. Do not offer any information that the police do not ask you for. Also, do not admit that you were drinking. Remember your right to remain silent, and your Fifth Amendment right against self-incrimination. Keep your mouth closed even if the police arrest you and ask you to make a statement.

Say “no” to tests

The officers will likely ask you to take a field sobriety or chemical test. Say “no.” You may fail a field sobriety test for a number of reasons, especially if you already have balance challenges. In addition, your medical conditions, medications or other factors can impact your chemical tests.

Your best defense against a DUI is never driving under the influence of alcohol or other drugs. Find a designated driver or call a cab when you drink.

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