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Your criminal record and continuing your education

On Behalf of | May 10, 2022 | Misdemeanors

Studies support the theory that an education reduces your risks of recidivism. Having a criminal record does not have to be the reason you abandon your goals.

Continuing your education is one of the best things you can do to rebuild your life. There are ways to work around your past, develop a reputation of integrity and achieve the goals you feel passionate about.

Getting financial help

One of the trickiest parts of attending college is the financial costs. Seeing that you have a criminal record, you might wonder what the likelihood is of getting financial aid. According to the United States Federal Student Aid Office, the types of crimes on your record will influence your eligibility. However, most times, you can still apply for aid even if paroled or on a probationary status.

You may also consider seeing if your community has any resources available to ex-cons who want to return to school. Some institutions might also have scholarships that you have eligibility to apply for. Explore your options for funding your education before you dismiss the thought entirely because of affordability concerns.

Finding an interest

A good way to maintain motivation to return to school is to find something you feel passionate about. Even while you complete your general education requirements, consider courses that align with the areas you plan to study later on. There is no such thing as too early of a time to begin shadowing in the industry of your choice. You can apply for internships or apprenticeships to gain experience that applies to your interests.

Making your education a priority might be the one thing that helps you turn your life around. You can find creative ways to use the experiences of your past as fuel to achieve a better and happier life.

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