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Addressing denied parenting time

On Behalf of | Nov 6, 2021 | Blog, Child Custody

Whether you recently completed the divorce process or you ended your marriage years ago, you could have a number of concerns and legal issues to go over as a parent. From child support to spending time with your kids, it is critical to protect your rights and understand the options you have if legal hurdles surface. Sometimes, parents struggle as a result of denied parenting time, in which case you need to review your options.

In the state of Michigan, you can take action if your child’s other parent is violating the terms of a parenting time order.

Taking action over denied parenting time

According to the Michigan Department of Health and Human Services, you can reach out to the Friend of the Court if your child’s other parent is refusing to abide by the terms of a parenting time order. The Friend of the Court must work to enforce a parenting time order and generally take enforcement actions after receiving written complaints. You can also reach out to the court for assistance with enforcing parenting time by filing a motion.

Enforcement actions that arise due to denied parenting time

If the custodial parent refuses to respect a parenting time order, they could face a number of enforcement actions. For example, the court could modify the current parenting time order or provide the other parent with makeup parenting time. In some cases, custodial parents face contempt of court charges for failing to respect a parenting time agreement.

It is essential to understand your options and take action if you are struggling with denied parenting time.

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