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Misdemeanors and your job search

On Behalf of | Sep 7, 2021 | Blog, Misdemeanors

Even though a misdemeanor is not quite as serious as other forms of criminal punishment, it can still impact your life. For example, some employers may feel skeptical to hire you if you have a criminal record of any kind.

With a little practice, you can help potential employers to see past your mistakes and recognize your strengths. Preparing for job interviews can help you carry yourself with the confidence you need to make a memorable first impression.

Find the right job

You may have a better chance of getting hired for some jobs than others when you have a criminal record. Some of the most common criminal-friendly jobs include the following:

  • Secretarial work
  • Construction
  • Janitorial services
  • Food and entertainment
  • Public works
  • Retail

Hiring criminals is a more common practice than you may realize. In fact, according to Monster, in one survey, almost half of the participants said they would willingly hire someone with a criminal record so long as the individual could prove a consistent and reliable work history. If you present your resume and your enthusiasm the right way, you can highlight your potential.

Show your commitment

You may not get a dream job right away, but over time, you can show your commitment to a commendable work ethic. Basing your professional reputation on integrity, reliability, teamwork and problem solving can help you develop well-rounded credibility. These skills can aid you in gradually working your way into better jobs that pay more and provide opportunities for growth, as well as personal and professional development.

Just because you have a misdemeanor on your record does not mean you can never get another job. Taking control of your future and resolving to put your past behind you can give you the incentive you need to put your best foot forward as you begin looking for employment.

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