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Could drug court keep you out of jail or prison?

On Behalf of | Sep 22, 2021 | Criminal Defense

A Michigan drug charge may have life-changing consequences, but not all drug offenders wind up spending time in jail or prison. If you meet certain requirements and have a genuine longing to overcome your dependency, you may be a good candidate for drug court.

Per the 61st District Court Drug Court, drug court may be an option for you if you are facing a non-violent drug-related criminal charge. You may be able to enter drug court with either a misdemeanor or a felony drug charge. In some cases, successful completion of the program may lead to your drug charge undergoing dismissal or a reduction in severity.

How drug court works and who it serves

You may be a strong candidate for drug court if, without intervention, you are likely to continue to receive drug-related criminal charges as a result of your dependency. Having a history of substance abuse may also make you a good fit for this type of program. Once enrolled, expect to have to communicate with a judge, case manager and other professionals who help you navigate your path to recovery.

How long drug court lasts

The 61st District Court Drug Court program has four phases, and how long you spend in each phase may vary. However, all enrollees in the program must remain active participants for at least one year.

Enrolling in drug court means you must appear before a judge and make a guilty plea on the drug charge you face. However, your successful completion of the program may result in the withdrawal of that guilty plea.

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