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Visitation transportation plans ease custody sharing issues

On Behalf of | Oct 6, 2020 | Blog, Child Custody

Shared custody often results from a divorce. When the former spouses agree to share custody of their children, the issue of transportation arises. While many marriages end on relatively peaceful terms, many do not. Whether your divorce ended amicably or under a cloud of uncertainty regarding future encounters with your former spouse, a visitation plan can take the sting out of the exchange. Michigan family law courts will affirm a viable transportation plan and hold divorced couples to it.

Common elements in a visitation transportation plan

A court-approved visitation plan should detail which parent is responsible for providing transportation for each visit. That could include airfare, cab fare or other commercial transportation costs. The transportation plan also should include provisions for handling inevitable delays that make one or both parents late for a scheduled pickup or drop-off of the child or children. The plan also needs to detail any necessary safety gear, like child safety seats, to ensure the safest possible conveyance.

Ensure safest possible exchange location

When both parents get along well enough and can engage in civil exchanges at one another’s home, that is great. But many times, that is not possible due to changes in relationships, living arrangements or general animosity. A designated neutral drop-off location might be in order. The family court can designate agreed-upon neutral sites for custody exchanges for visitation purposes. That can help to alleviate stress and enable a more civil exchange that will benefit all children affected.

Not okay to refuse visitation transportation

When the time comes for one or more children to visit the other parent, refusing to cooperate with the existing visitation transportation agreement violates the family court order. If a situation arises that makes the exchange impossible, the visitation plan should allow for reasonable adjustments. If you need help creating or enforcing a visitation transportation agreement, an experienced family law attorney is a great help in upholding your parental rights and ensuring the best for you and your children.

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