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Are divorced people eligible for spousal Social Security?

On Behalf of | Oct 27, 2020 | Blog, Divorce

When a couple files for divorce in Michigan, the things that they once took for granted are suddenly called into question. Many couples wonder what will happen to their Social Security payments after they get divorced. Will they still be eligible for spousal benefits, or will they lose their eligibility for Social Security payments?

What happens to Social Security payments after a couple gets divorced?

An individual might still be eligible for spousal benefits after a divorce if they meet certain requirements. They must have been married for 10 years to be eligible for benefits post-divorce. Additionally, they will no longer be able to collect those benefits if they marry someone else.

Former spouses also don’t have to wait for their ex-spouse to retire before they can start collecting benefits. They can start collecting benefits once they’re 62 or older. However, their ex-spouse will also have to be at least 62. Additionally, if they start claiming benefits early, they’ll receive a lower amount.

Where can you go for legal assistance during a divorce?

Filing for divorce can be much more complicated than people realize. They have to divide up every asset they acquired during marriage, including pension plans, investments, properties and much more. To make the process easier, an individual might find it helpful to hire an attorney.

An attorney may help their client take stock of all their assets and figure out what needs to be divided during the divorce process. They might also help their client negotiate with their former spouse to help them protect some of their assets. If the couple signed a prenuptial agreement, the attorney may help their client divide their property according to the agreement. They may also help their client contest the agreement if they don’t agree to the terms.

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