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Criminal charges may hinder child custody decisions

On Behalf of | Nov 14, 2018 | Child Custody

When it comes to divorce in Michigan, many fathers feel that they are being denied rights in family law disputes. CNN has reported on the issue by interviewing fathers who claim that they are not being treated fairly by the legal system. According to the report, some fathers are facing tens of thousands of dollars in child support payments after the loss of employment while others are being denied visitation rights due to criminal complaints.

CNN also interviewed a family law attorney and a superior court judge regarding the matter. The findings were that while family courts are meant to treat both men and women equally in divorce matters, some favor the mother over the father when children are involved in a case. Furthermore, 80 percent of all custodial responsibilities rest on the mother after a divorce is finalized in the United States.

Of those interviewed for CNN’s report, most recommended that fathers make a good faith effort to demonstrate a willingness to change if criminal circumstances have been a factor in the divorce. Fathers are encouraged to seek counseling and, if financial hardships come along, seek employment anywhere it is available. Through proactive attention to the correction of mistakes, it is believed that fathers will stand a better chance of receiving a favorable outcome in a court’s decision regarding child custody or when a child custody modification is considered.

Divorce can be a difficult experience for both spouses involved in the process. This process is further complicated when things like criminal charges are levied against one or both parties to the divorce. As a result, many divorcing spouses choose to seek the legal counsel of an attorney when working out issues like child custody and the division of property. An attorney may provide legal representation and explain all options available, including those that pertain to navigating criminal charges, to spouses who find that divorce is the best course of action.

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