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About joint physical custody

On Behalf of | Sep 18, 2018 | Child Custody

Some parents in Michigan may be less than pleased when they discover that they have been awarded joint custody with the other parent of their children. However, there are multiple benefits to sharing joint physical custody.

One benefit is that both parents share the responsibility of disciplining their children. This means that the parents can collaborate with one another and support each other when establishing and enforcing house rules. Collaboration between the parents may be particularly helpful as the children mature and attempt to test discipline boundaries. Another advantage of joint physical custody is that both parents will be compelled to have a routine. Parents will have to work with one another and experiment with different types of schedules to determine which ones are in the best interests of their children.

Sharing joint physical custody also means that both parents will have to contribute financially to everyday items, as they become needed. For example, the parent with whom the children are with at time may have to pay for snacks for the children to take with them to extracurricular activities or for an important item for a school project. Parents who have to delegate joint physical custody with the other parent of their children will find that they will have the opportunity to pursue their career or education goals. They will find it advantageous to know beforehand that there will be certain days of the week that the other parent will have the children. During these times, parents can work late or take an important class without worrying about the welfare of the children.

A family law attorney may assist clients with resolving disputes regarding child custody issues. Legal advice may be advisable when seeking to obtain favorable terms regarding modifications to existing child custody orders as and when necessary.

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