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How your disability could have factored into your arrest

Many people have disabilities. Quite a few fall under the purview of the ADA, depending on the situation. Even if your disability does not, it could have factored unfairly into your arrest. For example, if you rolled or hurt your ankle earlier in the day and told that to a disbelieving police officer, he or she could have basically set you up to fail a field sobriety test.

A co-parent is a better parent

Both Michigan society and the courts are favoring robust co-parenting arrangements. When parents otherwise may have an acrimonious relationship when they split, the newer atmosphere of consideration of what is in the best interests of the children may persuade them to work harder for a truce.

How to exercise your right to remain silent

You may have heard that the law does not require you to talk to a law enforcement officer if he or she questions you. The Miranda warning even includes the clear statement that you have the right to remain silent. However, you do not necessarily want to just press your lips together and refuse to talk when an officer approaches you.

Tips for co-parenting

One nice theme in today’s divorces is when parents put the children first. Many courts prefer that couples work out their own parenting plan rather than rely on the judge’s discretion. While it can be difficult to create a co-parenting plan, if you and your spouse can put aside the emotions of the divorce to work together, it is much better for the child. Co-parenting brings stability and security to the child’s world after the upheaval of a divorce. 

Understanding the field sobriety tests

Since the 1970s, law enforcement officers have been pulling people over and administering three roadside tests that help them gauge whether a driver is impaired. While these tests are not perfect, they do produce certain results that could lead to an arrest, a chemical test and a DUI charge on your record.

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