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Preparing documentation for a child custody hearing

Michigan parents who must go to a child custody hearing should submit their documentation ahead of time. This might include logs for visitation and phone calls, which can be used to show the involvement or lack of involvement of the noncustodial parent in the child's life. A noncustodial parent might also use these logs to demonstrate efforts to visit and contact the child that were prevented by the other parent. This can be unfavorable for the custodial parent since courts generally support parents cooperating to ensure the child has time with both of them.

The truth behind myths associated with non-custodial parents

A non-custodial Michigan parent is simply someone who does not have physical custody of their child. However, there are several common myths that still linger about what a parent without custody is, what rights they have and how they interact with their children.

Reasons for requesting child custody modification

When couples enter into a child custody agreement in Michigan, there may come a time when a plan that was once mutually acceptable no longer works for one or both parents. It's sometimes possible for parents to directly communicate and make appropriate adjustments with arrangements. However, if this isn't possible, another option is to seek a formal child custody modification.

Criminal charges may hinder child custody decisions

When it comes to divorce in Michigan, many fathers feel that they are being denied rights in family law disputes. CNN has reported on the issue by interviewing fathers who claim that they are not being treated fairly by the legal system. According to the report, some fathers are facing tens of thousands of dollars in child support payments after the loss of employment while others are being denied visitation rights due to criminal complaints.

In the best interest of the child: refusing visitation

As many Michigan parents know, navigating parenting after a split can be sensitive and complicated. In many cases, there is a court-mandated visitation schedule designed to make sure that the child continues their relationship with both parents. However, if there are concerns, a parent might consider refusing visitation. The risk, of course, is being held in contempt of the court-ordered visitation schedule. A parent has to be careful and thoughtful about how to handle the situation and consider if their concern is serious enough to risk being held in contempt.

Things to think about when making a parenting schedule

Michigan residents who have children and get divorced may have to resolve child custody and visitation issues. When parents are trying to figure out how to design their parenting plans, there are several things they should consider so that their plans will work for everyone.

Best interest test informs judicial decisions in custody fights

Michigan parents concerned about potential divorce litigation should know the biggest disputes in most cases are related to child custody. Parents are typically emotional and highly motivated regarding parenting time and the unpleasant prospect of being forced to spend time away from their children. An awareness of legal principles and typical points of controversy can help divorcing parents understand and prepare for the process.

Fathers have equal legal standing in child custody cases

Although family courts in Michigan have traditionally viewed mothers as the best custodial parents for children, modern law recognizes the parental rights of fathers and mothers equally. Men might still encounter prejudice when they pursue custody of their children, but preparation for court and avoiding confrontations with mothers may help produce a fair outcome in family court.

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